Laura – Hip Arthroscopy with Labral Repair

Danny – Total Shoulder Replacement


Russell Honeycutt, Rockwall
rotator cuff surgery

Dr. Ozumba came highly recommended to me and, because of his involvement with the local high school’s athletic teams, I felt a connection to him. At my first visit, he spent a lot of time asking me about my history of playing sports and my current level of physical activity. An MRI confirmed his suspicions that I had a rotator cuff injury.

Following my surgery, I paid close attention to my rehab and recovered very quickly. I think he and my physical therapist consider me a poster child for rehab. Whenever you’re committed to recovery and getting encouragement from your doctor and your therapist, then you’re going to do really well. My recovery was exceptional. He aligned me up with a great physical therapist and that team was optimal for me.

Now when I go in for follow-up care, about half the time is spent talking about our common interests—athletics and the local teams. He treats me and my family (son Clay is also a patient) more like friends than patients. I get the impression that he has the same rapport with all his patients.


Jean-Luc Motlagh, Rockwall (currently a student at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls)
shoulder and knee surgeries

I played football in high school and now in college. Dr. Ozumba was our team doctor while I played for Rockwall-Heath High School. During my freshman year in college, I hurt my shoulder and had to have surgery. It’s amazing, but the shoulder he repaired feels better than the one I never injured. I forget that I’ve even had surgery on it.

Recently I tore the ACL, MCL and meniscus in my knee, and he fixed it up with the least amount of scarring. Every other doctor I consulted with wanted to cut all the way up my knee. Three months later, I’m already up and running.

When I was home, he worked the surgery around my schedule, not the other way around. Everyone in his office is very nice and personable. Because he’s also an athlete, he has firsthand knowledge of what you’re going through. He’s great at what he does. My dad has also seen Dr. Ozumba for back surgery and he’s had great success too.


Karren Lynch, Point, Texas
knee replacement

Before my surgery, I was seeing another doctor in Dallas. Dr. Ozumba subbed in for my doctor one day, and I immediately developed a rapport with Dr. Ozumba. It wasn’t that the first doctor wasn’t good—he was! I just felt a connection with Dr. Ozumba and, because he has an office in Rockwall, it was closer to my home.

Before we talked about surgery, Dr. Ozumba tried other treatments but ultimately he suggested I’d have the best results with knee replacement surgery. From that moment on, he always told me exactly what to expect. Even at the hospital, he told my husband exactly how long the surgery would take and why.

He also details what you have to do for a successful recovery. I’ve discovered over the last eight months just how extremely important exercise and therapy is. It’s a huge difference to know you’re in a partnership with your doctor from the get-go. His staff is also wonderful. I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes in his office.

Now I’ve been out hiking on rough, rocky terrain and was running up and down the stairs on a recent cruise. I’d say that’s pretty good since I’m 68 and have had my knee replaced. There’s no question in my mind that, when I need the other knee done, Dr. Ozumba will do that one too.